Coatings Group


June 13th 2017

Time Session Title
9:00 Conference registration
10:10 Welcome and introduction
Ian Faux
10:15 Chairperson’s speech
Sally Roberts
10:20 An Overview of the Paints and Coatings Market
Richard Weissenberg
10:50 Performance of Sylfat™ Tall Oil Fatty Acids in alkyd binder systems
Patrick Van Waes
10:20 Coffee break
11:50 Optimising the corrosion-protective performance of 2C epoxy clear coats
Dr Meinhart Roth
12:20 How wetting and dispersing agents help you to get the best out of your pigments and colourants
Robin de Bondt
12:50 A competitive edge in fine grinding
Vincent Halgand
13:20 Lunch
14:30 Aquaflow™ XLS for pure acrylic tint bases
Mukund Gogte
15:00 Strengthening green paints and value-chains in East Africa
Daniel Maina
15:30 PRIMIS® SAF 9000 – Ultrafine oleophobic dispersion performance enhancer in paints or surface modifier
Kumar Shah
16:00 Coffee Break

June 14th 2017

Time Session Title
9:30 Conference registration
10:00 Importance of colour education in the built environment
Lisa Taylor
10:30 Solvent selection for improved decorative paints
Mr Matteo Bolle
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Strategies to alleviate pressure from escalating TiO2 prices
Andrew Pleeth
12:00 Eliminating lead paints in Africa
Jeiel Guarino
13:00 Lunch