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*26 April 2019 - New Company Launch - Chemion AG launch new company, supplier of raw materials, mainly produced in China under Swiss quality control will be exhibiting at EACC 2019. There are four main product lines:

  • Titanium Dioxide and Precipitated Barium Sulphate
  • Cellulose Ethers
  • Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Fume Silicas

Target markets: paint and coating producers and construction chemical producers.

Stand B4a

*29 April 2019 - Product Demo - During EACC 2019 in Nairobi, Inchem will present a wide range of products, including PIGMENT MIX, which has been a huge success in the national market, along with other our water-soluble products which are environmentally friendly and safe for the users (free of VOC and APEO). Inchem is a company with vast market experience and having constantly developed its offerings, is one that should be a real attraction at EACC 2019.

Stand B14

*30 April 2019 - Exhibitor News - Gloxil WW SL – Functional matting agent slurry for water-based clear coats, i.e. for wood

Gloxil WW SL is HOFFMANN MINERAL´s response to counteract existing drawbacks of common powdery silica matting agents in terms of handling, processing and designated end-use paint properties. Particularly in binder systems sensitive to matting, the newly developed liquid product aims to further enhance technical performance: High blocking - water- and stain resistance paired with excellent optical appearance.

Moreover, equipped with an easy and ready-to-use feature, Gloxil WW SL imparts efficient matting even by post-addition to already finished paints.

Stand B12

More exhibitor news to follow...

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